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Kristina Voronova

Scientific research assistant


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Name:                          Kristina Voronova

Place and date of birth:  Ungvár (Ukraine) (06.04.1987.)


Education and degrees:  

Uzghorod National University, Chemist, Teacher of Chemistry, MSc, 2004-2009

Uzhgorod National University, Economist, MSc, 2010-2012

Research activity:

During my researches I am mostly confined in the study of hydrogenation of olefins, dehydrochlorination of alyphatic and aromatic chloro-compounds, and coupling reactions with water soluble metal complexes of Pd, Ru, Ni, etc. using salans, salens and phosphanes as ligands. In these reactions a hydrogen source is essential and for that formate compounds of Gr. I metals (Li or Na) or sometimes hydrogen pressure will be used. Characterization of the synthesized catalysts are done by employing NMR, IR, UV-vis, etc. techniques. Gas chromatographic analysis of the catalysis reaction mixture are performed for the analysis of the formation of product(s) and consumption of reactant(s).