MTA-DE Homogeneous Catalysis and Reaction Mechanisms Research Group

HAS, University of Debrecen, Department of Physical-Chemistry










Research Area:

  • Development and characterisation of new catalytic water soluble transition metal (Rh, Ru and Ir) complexes

  • Investigation of catalytic hydrogenation:

    • Catalytic carbon-dioxide hydrogenation under mild conditions in aqueous solution

    • Study of the mechanisms of the catalytic reactions

    • Role of the water molecule

      • Dissolution of metal complexes - hydrolysis to hydroxo metal complexes

      • Heterolytic hydrogen split - formation of hydrido metal complexes

      • pH dependence of selectivity of reactions

      • Control of the path of selective reactions by changing the pH

    • Research of the catalytically active species (hydrido metal complexes)

  • Two phase (aqueous-organic) catalytic reactions for the hydrogenation of organo-soluble subtrates

  • Modification of biomembranes by homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation

  • Investigation of the catalytic reactions in ionic liquids - comparison to  analogous reactions in organic and aqueous solution