List of publications of Henrietta H. Horváth with independent literature references

1.  H. H. Horváth, G. Papp, C. Csajági, F. Joó:
 Selective catalytic hydrogenations in a microfluidics-based high throughput flow reactor on ion-exchange supported transition metal complexes. A modular approach to the heterogenization of soluble complex catalysts.
 Catal. Commun., 8, 442-446 (2007) IF: 2.394 (2007)



2. H. H. Horváth, F. Joó:
 Stereoselective homogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of disubstituted alkynes in aqueous-organic biphasic media
 React. Kinet. Catal. Lett., 85, 355-360 (2005) IF: 0.670

 1. S. F Liu, J. L Xiao: J. Mol. Catal A-Chem. 270, 1 (2007)
 2. X. F. Wu, J. K. Liu, D. Di Tommaso, et al.: Chem-A Eur. J., 14, 7699 (2008)



Posters and oral presentations at conferences:

1. Ferenc Joó, Henrietta Horváth, Selective hydrogenation of alkynes in aqueous-organic biphasic systems, Knowledge-based Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Chemistry (Tallin, 2005)

2. Henrietta Horváth, Homogeneous hydrogenation of acetylenes in biphase systems, First Year Acquachem Meeting (Lisszabon, 2005)

3. Henrietta H. Horváth, Ferenc Joó, Selective catalytic hydrogenation of disubstituted alkynes, XVI. FECHEM Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (Budapest, 2005)

4. Horváth H. Henrietta, Joó Ferenc, Catalytic properties of ionic Ru(II)- and Rh(I) complexes in aqueous/organic biphasic systems and on ion-exchanger supports (in Hungarian), XLII. Komplexkémiai Kollokvium (Mátrafüred, 2007)

5. Henrietta H. Horváth, Péter Juhász, Ferenc Joó, Ágnes Kathó, Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of Rh(I) and Ru(II) Complexes of Alkylated Phosphatriazaadamantanes, 3rd International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (Delft, 2007)