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Henrietta H. Horváth

research assistant


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Name:                         Henrietta H. Horváth

Place and date of birth: Eger (Hungary), November 13. 1979

Citizenship:                  Hungarian

Marital status:              Married             


Education and degrees:  

Ph.D. from the University of Debrecen, 2009 (supervisor: Prof. Ferenc. Joó)
Chemistry MSc, University of Debrecen, Debrecen , Hungary , 2004


Research activity:

Preparation of water-soluble phosphine ligands (PPh3 and pta deraivatives) and their Ru(II) and Rh(I) complexes.
Investigation of the mentioned Ru and Rh phosphine complexes in organic/aqueous two phase catalytic and in heterogeneous catalytic systems.
Organic and inorganic preparations under inert atmosphere (Ar, N2) with Schlenk‑techniques.
Instrumental analysis: Gas Chromatography, multinuclear and high pressure NMR‑spectroscopy, UV-VIS and IR spectroscopy etc.