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Ágnes Bertók

Ph.D. student


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Name:                          Ágnes Bertók

Place and date of birth:  Kisvárda, 1985. 02.04.

Education and degrees:  

2003-2008 Chemist MSc, Debreceni Egyetem, Debrecen, Hungary

Research activity:

Synthesis of new 1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane (pta) derivatives and their water soluble half-sandwich Ru and Rh complexes. Selective hydrogenation of C=C or C=O bonds in aqueous or biphasic systems and redox isomerization of organic compounds.
Instrumental analysis: UV-VIS and IR spectroscopy, HPLC, GC, multinuclear and high pressure NMR-spectroscopy and basic pH-potentiometry.